Vows – Student Film

software used: Maya |Mari| Renderman 21

I am one of the texture/shading artists in this senior film – Vows. Vows is about a man named Carl, who is preparing for one of the biggest days of his life. He is incredibly excited, but is suddenly reminded of a deep sadness that plagues this joyful day with the person he loves most. Ultimately, the story revolves around love and the different kinds of vows we make in the name of it.

I was responsible for texturing and shading the first two scenes of the film. Most of the textures were done with Mari and rendered in Renderman. Vows is one of the student films which is sponsored by SCAD to participate in different film festivals – The Student Oscars, Slamdance Film Festivals, Nashville Film Festivals, Ann Arbor Film Festivals, Sundance Film Festivals, Santa Barbara Film Festivals, Cinequest, RiverRun International Film Festival, Cleveland International Film Festival, South by Southwest.

The short film received the Dean’s Award for Achievement in Animation at the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Graduation Juried Showcase in 2017.


More details on the short film is on https://www.vowsshort.com/

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