CG works

Opium (senior thesis)

software used: Maya | Nuke| Mari| Renderman 21| Zbrush

This is my senior thesis. It is an individual work. It is about recreating the environment of an opium den in China 200 years ago. It was one of the darkest period in recent Chinese history and it serves as an inspiration for this project. Part of the models are from CG trader. I was responsible for all aspect except effects. Smoking effects was done by Ryan Ng.


software used: Maya | Nuke | Arnold

This is an integration shot. The photo was shot with a Canon 5D with integration kids: Chrome ball, grey ball, cubes. HDRI was also shot at the location with the use of chrome ball. The model was from CG trader. It was textured by me and rendered in Arnold. The integration was done in Nuke .

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 Vintage Typewriter

software used : Maya | Nuke | Mari | Renderman 21| Zbrush

This is a texturing and modeling project based on the Imperial model 50 typewriter made in 1937. This was modeled with Zbrush and Maya. This was then textured with Mari and rendered with Renderman 21.

Hong Kong in 2047

software used : Maya | Nuke | Renderman | Mari | Zbrush

This group project foresees the year of 2047 which is a crucial year in Hong Kong. The concept is influenced by Ghost in the shell and cyberpunk. I was responsible for texturing, rendering and some modeling. It was rendered with Renderman.

Dutch master painting recreation

software used : Maya | Mari | Nuke | Renderman

Still Life of Flowers, Fruit, Shells, and Insects, c. 1629 – Balthasar van der Ast

modeled with Maya and Zbrush, textured with Mari, rendered in Renderman

original Painting


grey render





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final compositebeauty

A Fury of Aces pre production

software used : Maya | Nuke | Renderman | Mari

This is an organic fighting jet concept called the hawk. It was done by Steve Wheeler, the author of the trilogy, The Fury of Aces.

It was modeled and animated by Matan Shilo. It was then textured and rendered by me with Renderman.

Collaboration with TAL apparel

software used : Maya | Marvelous Designer | Nuke | Renderman

We formed a team in SCAD to work with TAL apparel to work on clothing simulation. We modeled the garments in Marvelous Designer and animated them in Maya. It was then rendered in Renderman.

Match to live action

software used : Maya | Nuke | Mental Ray

This is about match to live action. A replica was created to match the real object. It was modeled in Maya and rendered in mental ray. It was also composited in Nuke.


software used : After Effects | Nuke

This is a freelance job on compositing a Children Sci-fi web TV series in New Zealand. I was responsible for the effects in episode 6 and 8 in season one.

Procedural Gears

software used : Houdini | Mantra

procedural modelled in Houdini, rendered with Mantra

LKF rainbow-lapse

software used : Nuke | Photoshop

shot on 5D mark 3, composited on Nuke